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How to use the coupons:

  • Just click on the link for the coupon you want to use. 
  • If a code is given on this ( site:
    -- after selecting your items, copy the code in the appropriate box in the shopping cart of the site you are trying to buy from
  • If no code is given on this site
    --  just make sure that the discount shows in your shopping cart before you make a purchasec

Never proceed with an order without seeing the discount.  If during checkout, you do not see the discount in your order summary, most likely you won't get it.   To check a coupon that doesn't show immediately, randomly add an item or two that meets the required minimum, enter the discount code during checkout, and see if the discount shows up. If the site asks for a credit card number prior to giving you the order summary, put in Visa #4111111111111111 (4 and fifteen 1's) to get past that screen (but do not submit the order). If it shows up, then go back and browse for the items you want. If the coupon is not valid or is expired, please let us know.

Note that where there is a minimum purchase for a certain coupon, the minimum applies to the price of the goods BEFORE shipping & handling, discounts, etc.


All coupons are checked prior to posting; however, if you do find that a coupon does not work, most likely the conditions have been changed or the special offer have been discontinued. Please let us know so we can remove it from the website. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, so send any questions or comments to by clicking here.

Ordering from outside the US? Please note that most of these coupons are geared toward US customers, and may not work for international orders., for instance, will not allow coupons to be used on orders shipped outside the US.  We will try and provide this information if we can, but in case we don't, make sure you see the discount before you check out.

Getting Started:

To get the absolute best prices on CDs, DVDs, VHS, Books, and more on the web, here is what we recommend:

  1. Use the coupons on you best bets are probably the coupons from Amazon, Barnes&, and  Or, just choose what you want to buy - CDs, DVDs, VHS, Books, Toys, Cars, Travel, etc.  See the full menu here.  Each of these pages will tell you what places sell these items, and what the best coupons are.
  2. Use the Chase Cashbuilder Visa/MasterCard or Chase Ultimate Cash MasterCard for an additional 2-5% CASH BACK on all purchases.  No tricks, its a standard Visa or Mastercard, that just happens to give back MONEY instead of frequent flyer miles or useless "points". .details...
  3. Get 2 Weeks of Free DVD Rentals at Netflix!
  4. Check out FREE STUFF on the Web and get free CDs and DVDs and more for doing some clicking... click here for more ideas
  5. Join the clubs and get FREE COUPONS...... like  12 CDs for the Price of 1 or 5 Books for $2
  6. BUY USED CDs & Movies - Places that BUY & SELL used CDs, DVDs, and VHS.  At, everything is half price, or less, BEFORE Coupons.
  7. Join ebates and get 5-25% off purchases at a host of online stores (works with above card)
  8. and... bookmark this page and join our mailing list (right below) for even more deals as we get them...


LEGAL NOTE: This site contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by this site. Please double check all info before ordering, as we cannot be responsible for information changing after publication.

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To contact us, simply fill out the form below. 

Please do not contact us with customer service problems with merchants or CD/DVD clubs.  We are not Columbia House or Amazon or any of the places we might link to on this site.  We simply find the best deals for you and link to these sites as affiliates.  We have no access to your account or order information for any of these sites or programs.  All we can do is tell you to contact the merchant *directly* through their sites.

If you are contacting us about non-working coupons, please be specific about WHICH merchant and WHAT coupon...


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